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Gear up to Get Fit


As a new season begins, we tend to find ourselves recommitting health and fitness goals. Need a little boost to get moving? Here are some tips to help get you on the right track! 


Put your exercise clothes on.   Just the act of putting your exercise clothing on can get you psyched to get moving.   As soon as your workout clothes go on, your mind can go into exercise mode.   

Start small.   Getting started can be the toughest part, so set out to start with something small.   Consider doing 20 jumping jacks or a quick walk during a break at work.   That can seem a lot easier than a 60 minute cardio session.    Allow yourself 5 to 10 minutes to get started until things become easier.    

Turn up the tunes.   Pick a song that pumps you up and have that ready to turn on when you need motivation to exercise.   Start listening to it while you're getting ready to exercise to get energized, and then continue through your workout.    


Schedule it.    Our lives are so busy that we can easily use up the 30 minutes we could be exercising each day, so make sure you schedule it into your day like an appointment.  Would you miss another scheduled appointment?   Most likely not, so don't make that an option for exercise either.   

Find inspiration.    Why is it you want to exercise?   Put something out that you can see regularly that reminds you why you want to exercise and be healthy.   Maybe it's a picture of a family member or an inspirational person, or maybe even a piece of clothing you love.   

Moving forward 

Track your fitness.   To help stay accountable, make it a point to write down what you are doing for your exercise.   That way you can see over time if you are reaching your goals, otherwise how else will you know? 

Revisit your goals.   Check in each month to evaluate how you have done or if you want to change something with your goals moving forward.   This will help keep you on track. 

Shaina Tinsey