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Step by Step Toward Emotional Wellness with Jane


It started out simply enough—Jane Robinson just wanted to walk her new puppy Bella. A friend came alongside and two years later Jane and her pals are still taking it step by step on Jackson’s Falling Waters Trail. “Watching the seasons change, seeing the wildlife and getting fresh air became part of my day that I began to look forward to,” said Jane. After sitting at a computer all day, Jane says she’s glad to get outside and take a walk, but on days when she needs a little extra encouragement to get moving, she reminds herself, “This is my time for me. And I know I’m going to feel better afterwards.” Jane’s simple step to take a walk has motivated her to find other ways to be increase her emotional well-being while enjoying nature. She recently began kayaking on Lime Lake, which is situated along the Falling Waters Trail. “I enjoy the kayaking because of the beauty of the lake,” Jane says. “The benefit is the solitude and relaxation. I do it for pleasure even more than the exercise—it’s my time to recharge.” To others who want to use physical activity as a way to invest in emotional wellness, Jane suggests taking advantage of what’s already around you in Jackson County. “Once you do, you’ll learn to enjoy the process, not just the end result. You’ll want to make time for yourself each day. You’ll see a difference in your outlook.”