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Step by Step to Being Physically Active: Chad Schmucker


Biking to work was a way of life for Chad Schmucker who made a 6-mile commute to his office in rain or shine. “I was up to 159 commutes this year,” he said. “My cholesterol dropped nearly 40 points since I started serious riding two years ago and I have lost about 20 pounds.” Recently, however, Chad accepted a new position in Lansing, making his bike commute from Jackson more than a bit impractical. But that didn’t stop him from thinking of a way to stay active. Chad said, “If I stop being physically active, my weight starts to creep up, and it probably affects my cholesterol too. I keep that in mind to motivate myself to keep active day after day.” Chad has decided to have “walking meetings” with his staff members. Rather than stay cooped up in a conference room, whenever possible Chad and his colleagues will spend time walking around the capital while conducting business. “It’s a way to mix business with better health,” Chad explained. Day after day, and step by step, Chad is reaching his goals to keep his weight, blood pressure and cholesterol in check. To inspire others to take that first step, Chad says, “To get active you have to find something you like whether it’s swimming, dancing, tennis or golf. For me that’s biking and walking. I think if you find something you enjoy doing, it makes staying on track easier.”