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Better Nutrition With Jean Jenkins


Two years ago Jean Jenkins caught a glimpse of herself in a shopping mall mirror. She didn’t like what she saw. “I looked like a barrel,” she said. “I remember thinking, I can’t live like this anymore—my health is bad and my blood pressure is too high.” Jean took her first small step toward better health by visiting her doctor who suggested she see a nutritionist at the Center for Family Health. After this initial step, she took another by joining a support group at the Center where she learned about portion control, counting calories and everyday exercises. Jean was motivated enough to take yet another step to join a gym where she exercised four times weekly. Step after committed step, Jean began to eat better, lose weight and gain confidence. “When people ask how I lost the weight I tell them it has to be a lifetime commitment to eating smaller portions, and enjoying more fruits and vegetables. I’ve learned to eat more whole grains and smaller portions of meat, too.” She adds, “When you lose weight, you should reward yourself for your accomplishment.” Jean’s accumulated small steps are rewarding her. What started as a small step after a trip to the mall has added up to a big difference in Jean’s overall health. She’s 60 pounds lighter, her heart has increased from 15 percent to 45 percent usage and she’s been able to reduce her blood pressure medication. And she’s not finished yet. Jean plans to keep taking it one step at a time for a lifetime.